We are peers not vendors,

with our highly driven team of analytical experts we specialize in identifying and consummating acquisition and investment opportunities with and on behalf of our clients, a select group of the highest quality US Investment funds, family office investment funds and strategic acquirers. Even though right now might not be the right time, even though you may already have a strategic partner in your space, and even though you are not yet compelled to change we would like to develop a long term dialogue with you.



We create value for you.

Our business acumen, relational data processing abilities and situational knowledge generate advantages that may have escaped your attention or that you otherwise would not be aware of. We often present ideas and have the experience to help you obtain the results needed now or in the near term.


Do you care about me?

We care about our clients needs. Many people make the mistake of presenting a solution that doesn’t consider what the individual stakeholders who are making the decision need individually and collectively.

In human relationships, slower is faster.