We help business owners plan ahead, think strategically and manage risk.

Observing family dynamics in the business, allows us to build stewardship, offer free guidance and  influence leadership in a non-partisan manner with correct timing during transition.  Uniquely allowing SCP to create close relationships and consummate successful investments.

We are Buyer agnostic or unbiased.  We rarely start a dialogue based on only one option.

No agenda. We are Frontier seekers on a voyage of discovery.

Long term. Rarely the case at most funds, a few years at most, some of our relationships are 30 year in the making.  Most funds have high turnover in business development roles, targets rarely keep specific longterm firm relationships like us.

Experienced.  Our conversations are held by Senior Investment (30yrs experience) Bankers, rarely the case at most funds

Multi-facetedRarely the case at most funds, we are solution oriented and can offer unbiased advice and lead accordingly.

Helping You Compete More Effectively

SCPs’ cloud-native data transformation products provide Investment Funds of all sizes the simplicity, speed, scale, and savings they require to compete and unlock the hidden potential of limited private company data.  Frequently we work with data sets from private sources not originating from traditional primary research to complement traditional research methods

We are purpose built for the cloud data warehousing platforms, Amazon AWS, Glacier, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake. Recognising that these platforms offer users unparalleled processing power, we feed in data that takes full advantage of their speed and performance to create performing data within the cloud itself.

We think it’s important to be different. Not only in the way we design and develop our service, but also in how we treat our customers and how we operate with partners and investors.

We are committed to our customers, our people, and our products. Their collective well-being matters to us above everything else. Together, they inspire us to strive for greatness and drive innovation.

Our approach to client acquisition is different, and better.

Any Pilot will tell you Take-off,

approach and Landing are the most important parts of the journey,

they make or break you.   just like investments.