We strive to uniformly consume terabytes of middle market private company data in near real time to form events, construct shared state data, and generate events and opportunities for our clients.  We transform data and load new data sets constantly to provide scalable, high availability fault tolerant services.

Our systems leverage recent or accumulated event data events to correlate to identified targets to precipitate direct human follow up.

The unique clusters of SQL servers we deploy generate a “return” for all “ping-back data” by updating each target and queuing appropriate targets by adjusting individual target score.

  Our specialty is developing relationships with owners of private companies in attractive industries and sectors.

   We believe our service provides our clients, who are a select group of top performing investment funds and long-term strategic investors, access to timely “availability” information on middle market companies before it is known to the wider market, often well in advance of a contemplated sell-side process.


We do not run sell side processes.

Our ideas are proprietary.

We often make only a single exclusive introduction.

We charge no fees of any kind to exiting middle market company owners.

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