Our goal is to provide top performing private equity investors access to timely information on high quality companies before it becomes known to the wider market or before a sell-side process is initiated.


We do not run sell side processes.

Our ideas are proprietary.

We often make only a single exclusive introduction.

No fees of any kind to middle market company owners.

  Our specialty is developing relationships with owners of companies in attractive industries and sectors. As companies in our target universe approach maturity we are alerted by our data systems, we then utilize our internal database to match to our clients that have expressed interest in the target areas or to suitable potential partners, investors and acquirers.  Over the course of our ten year history we have developed both an attractive relational knowledge base and long term management relationships which allow our team and clients to see strategic and financial acquisition ideas before many others.


Increase your access.


  There is a consensus among successful investment groups that the best deal and smoothest process usually comes from a proprietary deal that is not part of a process.  Our professional background is similar to many investment funds and that theory resonates with us, thus we specialize in detecting quality lower middle market companies and building the best possible relationships ahead of when those companies may mature and seek a partnership or an exit.  We pride ourselves on our processing fluency and aptitude in  assessing potential compounding growth in the lower middle market, we structure information to benefit all and provide solutions for opportunities and to reduce cognitive load on you and set you free from time associated constraints.

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