Our process does the work for you.

Our specialty is developing relationships with the owners of companies in attractive industries and sectors.  We constantly update, maintain and monitor information flow from target companies and conduct ongoing regular status check-ups with the companies in our research universe to understand the maturity and direction of  each potential opportunity. 

Our goal is to partner with the high quality companies we identify, and serve as a resource, nothing more is required from, we’re in it for the long run and ready to talk about potential exits or partnerships when they are and not before.  

As companies in our proprietary target universe approach maturity, or an event occurs that triggers a need for the target to create liquidity, we are alerted by our relational data systems.  If  identified targets confirm the need, we leverage our teams’ existing relationships to be first in line to provide appropriate introductions.

We match opportunities to our clients that have specific interest in the target areas, or have existing portfolio companies in the sector.  This allows us to reach an appropriate suitable potential partner fast. 

Over the course of our history we have developed both an attractive relational knowledge base and long term management relationships which allow our team and clients to see strategic and financial acquisition ideas before many others.

Change – Improvement – Transformation

Our General Criteria:

“We Dare to be Dull

We seek to understand the business and more importantly understand the businesses’ future first.
“We like to play ball,
“we don’t like strikes, we only swing at things we can hit”
Warren Buffett

Our approach:

  to problem solving, gathering intel, or high quality company discovery, employs a heuristic approach.  A practical method, not guaranteed to be perfect, but logical and rational.  We are reaching out to targets with a long term outlook in mind,  accordingly, heuristic methods are used to speed up the process of finding solutions and ease the cognitive load, in our best relationships, slower is faster in the long term.