Specialist on the ground research teams.

We personally visit each potential investment opportunity.

Unique Specialists in Early Relationship Building in targeted US markets.

Infrastructure, Energy, Water Treatment, Industrial Distribution Specialists.


Investment manager performance delta continues to widen.

  At the close of 2017 the Preqin Private Equity Index reached a high of 427.1 compared to 283.7 for the S&P 500 Total Return Index. The private equity market is approaching a 2:1 outperformance.

Source: Preqin

Source: Preqin

  Private equity outperformance is translating into a record setting industry capital raise. A total of 81.6 B was raised in North America during Q3 of this year alone.

These inflows are chasing fewer viable targets. The pressure to allocate resources on the right deals will continue to grow. Top quartile performing funds concentrate on robust and dedicated deal sourcing programs.

Our bespoke targeted opportunity sourcing program to allows specific focus in this highly competitive environment.

We evaluate only the transactions that fit your industry expertise and risk profile.