Forward thinking Family Office?

   Advantages we offer to Investment Funds

  Our team generates middle market acquisition opportunities for select investment fund clients.  We create or locate, companies who would prefer a “non-auction” exit environment. This can save the time, hassle, unqualified buyers or potentially expensive elements of a “wide-process” while providing both company and our investment partners with mutually desirable solutions and outcomes.

  Proprietary exit intelligence, unique algorithms and custom relational Data sets form our customisable platform, allowing us to analyse and provide, high quality middle market opportunities.  In most cases, before it is known elsewhere creating a highly desirable environment with little, if any competition.

  Our team carefully examines data, creates algorithms, initiates and structures timely follow-through with direct lines of communication with potential targets.  We strive to place our clients in the “Pole-Position”, ahead of any other interests, or a potential wide auction sale.

   There is a growing consensus among successful investment groups that the best deal and smoothest process usually, develops from a proprietary sourced deal that is not part of a process.


We serve as a resource to private companies, offering proprietary and uniquely customised professional research, highly relevant to their interests, enabling a preliminary view of early due-diligence data and “data-share” rapport.  

    As companies in our proprietary target universe approach maturity, or an event occurs that triggers a need for the target to create liquidity, we are alerted by our proprietary relational data systems. 

   Over the course of our team leaders’ 30 years of service in asset management, we have developed both an attractive relational knowledge base and many long term management relationships, enabling our team and clients to see strategic and financial acquisition ideas before many others.

  Our professional background is similar to many investment funds teams’, we specialise in detecting high quality lower middle market companies and building the best possible relationships ahead of when those companies may mature and seek a partnership or an exit.

SCP does not run sell side processes.

Our ideas are exclusively generated and all origination is proprietary.

One single investor per target.

No fees to owners of selling companies.